Hi everybody!

Yearend school party left everyone some great memories at Avanga lake, especially children. I will not go back over the details discussed in the second newsletter, but thank you again to all the donors for helping this main event covered by the national press (see below).A video of the 3 days party is also posted on the home page.


It is now time to go back to school for the young lake schoolgirls and schoolboys. The start of the schoolyear will happen in a rather gentle way, as the children will progressively arrive from the beginning of October to the end of December.

The next mission, which will take place in a few days, will be an opportunity for our association to bring a lot of equipment: Mosquito nets, medicines, books, school supplies (including plastic arts), sheets and towels (for boarding school), and lamps. We’ll also spend some time with the children in class to introduce various subjects through new presentations, including forest protection.

The 19th meeting of the CBFP parties (Congo Basin Forest Protection) was organized in early July in Libreville. After listening to many speakers delivering lots of information, we were even more convinced that helping the lake Avanga’s children also means giving them a better chance of participating in the preservation of their forest, which represents the future last lung of the earth.

The territories and forests’ global redevelopment in the 6 countries concerned will involve in the near future the needs for monitoring the new intergovernmental rules that will be put in place.
This will mainly concern land use plan, the sustainable wood economy and future linked certifications, the management of biodiversity conservation as well as landscape restoration and the role and place of populations in these context.

And who, better than Lake Avanga’s population, could be the guarantors of these commitments?

Our partners and particularly 3S and Agir pour le handicap à l’école will continue to support us throughout this school year by leading some conversations with children. Subjects include childhood protection, from physical and sexual abuse.

The school of St Louis Hospital in Paris and Lake Avanga school will also continue the exchanges initiated before the holidays. In fact, exchanges were very much appreciated on both sides (see pictures). A meeting was organized a few days ago with the Parisian primary school teachers, in order to include students from at least 3 classes in these exchanges.

The Caroil Company, whose main subsidiary is located in Port Gentil, is joining us as a partner. Thank’s to them,  we will come back on their specific actions in the next letter.

Contact will be established very soon with the Assala Lion’s Club of Port Gentil in order to evaluate the possibilities of common actions in equipment providing.

A second campaign of donations has been launched, with the hope that English-speaking people will join us after reading this letter.

We are already thinking about Christmas…. The objective would be to bring toys and…a Santa Claus. We are planning on doing it after the new year holidays, around mid-January. As the lake is in a very isolated area, Santa Claus takes longer to get there.
We are still looking for a known artist or sports personality who could play the role, which is not easy.


So, if you want to join us and being a donor , please go to  »culture & contact » page were you have secured module to give some help.  Thanks in advance.

Above,the national press article (l'UNION)

Below, the various presentations done by the associations 3S and Agir pour  le handicap à l'école, on the sidelines of celebrations
Above: The children of the school of  St Louis Hospital have prepared some story books,and 
Lake Avanga school children having sent 
messages describing their village and their   dreams of future lifes
Below: 19th meeting of the parties of the CBFP.